Launch Date For Project Natal Rumored…

…to be on the 11th month of next year; that is, November 2010. Wondering what Project Natal is? Probably not, if you’re a gamer, but humor me. Project Natal is Microsoft’s answer to all other gaming experiences in existence. It promises to provide a fully interactive experience without the need for wires and controllers. If it works the way it is envisioned to, it will only have a 3D camera that will sense all the movements and voice of the gamer. The hardware itself is supposed to be a little box that you will have to put under your TV – or somewhere around there – and is also supposed to use facial recognition technology. Naturally, it is compatible with the Xbox 360. Project Natal was announced during this year’s E3 convention.

It does not take much to realize that Microsoft is promising a WHOLE LOT with this product, and if they do deliver, they might just blow away all the other competition in the gaming market! Gadget Review is helping spread the rumor that it will be ready to roll out within a year and – get this – it will only go for $80!

One, I highly doubt that they will be able to deliver on that date. Not that I doubt their capabilities, but simply because launch dates like these always end up being pushed back. Two, I am amazed at the price. Seriously, $80 for all the features?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see. What do you think? Will these rumors prove to be true?

Photo courtesy of Gadget Review