The End of the World: A New Beginning? [INFOGRAPHIC]

So it’s the end of the world. So what? So the graveyards are tenantless, and the unregenerate deceased have risen in a hiddeous, slobbering mockery of humanity? We say, “Party on.

It may be the end of the world, but that’s no reason to feel sorry for yourself! It just represents a new and different set of opportunities. Look: capitalism has always thrived on a process of creative destruction. All your customers have gone extinct? What–the whole soccer-mom demo has seen a population-wide collapse after the moon turned to blood, and the dead rose out of their graves? Well then it’s time for you to search out a new demographic. Maybe repurpose your product to make it more appealing to zombies.

Our infographic today will be useful for folks in the photography industry who have survived the zombie apocalypse, but don’t want to change their profession.

Framing the End of the World Infographic by Focus Camera
Presented By FocusCamera.com.


Oil-pacalypse [INFOGRAPHIC]

In the whole discussion about energy and oil, the good news is that we keep innovating.

This week a panel experts at the Automotive News World Congress in Detroit (still the auto-capital of America), said it would be entirely feasible for automakers to comply with the federal government requirement to meet a Corporate Average Fuel Economy target of 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025 using current technology. The panel talked about turbochargers, start-stop systems, direct injection and advanced battery technology.

I don’t know if this is good news or bad news.  It’s good that we’re improving fuel efficiency.  It’s bad that the regulators haven’t given the auto industry a more challenging prod.  Basically the message: do a slightly more efficient job with the technology you’re already working with.  Due date: One decade from now.

Whatever happened to hydrogen fuel? Isn’t anyone worried about running out of plastic?

The bad news is: we’re still on track to run out of oil by 2050.

Check out what the consequences of running out of oil might end up looking like, if we don’t get our act together in the next few years.

What Happens When Fossil Fuels Run Out (Infographic)

Presented by Plymouth Rock Energy


Most Creative Instagram Accounts

Being creative is one of the top traits of geeks. Geeks are luckier today as they can show off their creativity in many avenues even online. They don’t have to spend anything just to post their works of art and share them with their friends and other people from all over the world.

We share here some of the most creative accounts on Instagram and see if you feel the same way. Take note these are real photos and not just graphics or drawings.

Rachel Ryle

An animator who lives in Boulder, Colorado, Rachel Ryle has been judged as having the most creative photos posted on Instagram. [Read more →]


Comic Strips Recommended for Geeks

Amid the popularity of anime, manga, video games and TV cartoon series, the comic strips are not to be outdone. Comics continue to be created and while they’re more known to be in the print version, the digital and online format is also gaining popularity.

Comic strips are meant to entertain young and full-fledged adults. For the geeks, there are many online sites that offer cartoon series and books ideal for them. They’re great to follow if only to give you a good laugh or even just a smile on a daily basis. The Kickstarter comics are also recommended.

Scott Kurtz

Scott Kurtz has this funny comic strip that focuses on a fictional video game magazine and its workers. This webcomic artist is the man behind the award-winning daily online comic strip Player vs. Player or PvP launched in 1998. He released a print version of this in 2000. [Read more →]


The Rise of Everything as a Service

Everything as a serviceThink about how much the cloud has affected individuals on both a business and personal level. Now multiply that impact by 10. The cloud in its essence has saved money, increased productivity, improved communication and maximized organization, but that’s only the beginning. Complexities such as block storage and virtual local area networks (LANs) have catalyzed the potential of this already powerful technology. But now there’s a new sheriff in town: everything as a service (XaaS).

The expansion of cloud services

XaaS is a subset of cloud computing, which includes service components such as infrastructure, data, communication and platforms. Companies today are completely changing their infrastructure and strategies to accommodate the potential of XaaS. Many organizations are turning to this service primarily to cut costs, yet they want flexibility above all, followed by unified integration and improved communication.

The breakdown of IaasS, PaaS and SaaS

The best known example of the cloud computing subset is software as a service (SaaS). According to a June 2013 press release from North Bridge Venture Partners, SaaS is used by 63 percent of organizations, up an incredible 55 percent from last year.

However, growth has shown to be fastest with infrastructure as a service (IaaS), which underwent a 29 percent increase over the previous year. As far as the future goes, platform as a service (PaaS) is projected to grow the fastest in the next five years. According to North Bridge Venture Partners’ survey, 72 percent of responders plan to use PaaS in their organization during this time frame.

Focusing on IaaS

Since this particular service is growing the fastest, let’s take a more in-depth look at IaaS. One of the most prominent characteristics of IaaS is that it outsources equipment to support operations such as hardware, storage, servers and networking components. On one hand, it might make business owners feel slightly uneasy to store their information in a remote location. After all, how would one guarantee that the information is always safe?

IaaS takes all these potential disasters into account and features backup systems, multiple storage units and other security protectors to ensure the safety of stored information. A trusted provider, such as one that provides dedicated server hosting, will typically charge on a per-use basis, thus maximizing efficiency for the user.

Who should care?

In this new environment analog seems long ago.

It’s obvious that IT departments will be heavily affected by the new “everything as a service” trend, but what about everyone else? XaaS will provide a central hub of information that any authorized individual can access anywhere and at any time. This means that communication within and between departments will be improved, with real-time updates on projects within the office.

This improvement in communication can also prevent any work overlaps, such as when a department is working on something similar to another one. Moreover, professionals within the same department are also unlikely to duplicate work when they can access and update a central server. It’s one of the few technologies that truly does promote unity and efficiency across the board.















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