Why Geeks Love the HTC One M8

If you’re a hardcore iPhone lover or your adorkable and have a quirky affinity for BlackBerry, no amount of HTC boasting is going to get you to convert. Geeks form strong opinions that are nearly impossible to shift, but the HTC One M8 has certainly won its fair share of admirers in the geek community.

If you’re on the hunt for your next smartphone, or waiting on the sidelines for great deals in the wake of the new releases in autumn 2014, this HTC model should be on your radar.

In the world of smartphones (always excepting the $10,000+ jobs in the Middle East, of course), style is pretty safe. Sure, there are plenty of phones with sleek lines, but in the real world they don’t look like anything special.

You can always opt for a case of your choosing, but that can be like putting lipstick on a pig. The HTC One M8 gives geeks the best of both worlds: style and functionality in spades. [Read more →]


4 Ways Budding Sci-Fi Writers Can Get Their Work Noticed

Are you addicted to space travel, alien languages, and post-apocalyptic landscapes? Do you frequently come up with short stories ideas with sci-fi themes and wonder how you could start building publishing connections?

The digital era has opened up new opportunities for sci-fi writers to make their mark. Here are a few ways to get started with building your publishing and writing network.    [Read more →]


Basic Blogging Tips for Blog-inners

Blogs are used for business or personal use. Business use is more for products or services purposes, premium performing links and such. While personal use is more informal. If you are a beginner in the blogging industry and would just like to have an outlet of emotions that you want to share and let other people learn from it, then you have the reason to blog.

Not everybody has the knack of writing, this is one of reasons why a lot of people are scared to start a blog. People wait to have that perfect well-structured thought before letting it out of the open. Reality is you do not need to be perfect to qualify in becoming a blogger.

Starting. Most people who wanted to start a blog get confused on where to start. These guidelines will allow you to understand the world of blogging.

Starting. Everyone has their own way of expressing oneself and the best way to start your blogging journey is by having your own approach.  You can start of by introducing yourself or the intent of your blog, this is important, especially if you want someone to visit your blog and learn from you. You can either write your own name or have a pseudo name to protect your identity.

Choosing a topic. There are a wide array of topics you can discuss in your blog. A day at home, at school or at the office are usual scenarios you can also start writing about. Vacations and other trips with friends are also a common discussion online. Co-bloggers or netizens alone would also like to see a blog with first-hand genuine review of a possible location for them. Blogs with such topics are one of the favourites as it is a reference whether it is a must see or a must leave destination. Whatever topic you choose, make the first one interesting and you.

Privacy. It is a sure no-holds-barred kind of deal when it comes to privacy in blogging. This is why you should be careful of what you will be putting up on the net. Sometimes it is nice to have a pseudo identity or just place a nickname to prevent stalkers or to prevent an entry point for spammers and the like to attack you.

Disclaimer and copyright. Having a disclaimer page will allow readers that you are well aware of the net privacy rules and thus, you are also aware of the copyright law. This will prevent forgers from extracting your articles as their own article.


How to Create an Impressive Technology Blog

So you’ve opened your tech blog, gave it a customary techie look, promoted it your social media accounts, and submitted it to a reputable technology blog directory. Work accomplished? Probably not if you have been at it for quite some time and you have yet to create a tiny ripple in the online world. Is it possible that you have not created a technology blog that is not quite impressive as you hoped it to be? Possible!

How can you create blogs that roar instead of whimper?

Create a Physical Appearance Which the Audience Can Relate To

If you are targeting a specific audience like what one usually does when creating a tech site, it is important to make it clear that you are offering a tech site. Do not confuse the audience by choosing a blog theme or lay-out that exudes an image that is far from being techie. Create the atmosphere and the overall experience so you get to attract the right audience you cater to.

Create the Expected Content While Providing Suitable Surprises

Creating expected content is necessary so as not to disappoint those who are searching for such information. However, expected content need not be boring since they can always be presented in more exciting ways. Also, unexpected but related contents are always welcome additions to a roster of quality content. Just be very careful not to totally deviate from the niche as this can also end up confusing your regular readers.

Be The First

Topics in technology are frequently updated. It would be a plus factor if your blog is the first or at least among the early ones who provide information about new tech developments. Providing consistently updated information will develop the habit among readers to look at your blog first . Being at the tail-end of tech developments is not really in sync with the desire to be one of the most impressive tech blogs there is.

Get Your Blog Out There

If you do not have the attention and traffic you want, you need to take steps to create it. More often than not, lasting impression is created by the person behind the blog. As the author, you need to be out there for you to bring back something to your blog as shown in your contents. Promote yourself as you promote your blog. It will be difficult to separate one from the other so try to be as impressive as you want your blog to be.


The End of the World: A New Beginning? [INFOGRAPHIC]

So it’s the end of the world. So what? So the graveyards are tenantless, and the unregenerate deceased have risen in a hiddeous, slobbering mockery of humanity? We say, “Party on.

It may be the end of the world, but that’s no reason to feel sorry for yourself! It just represents a new and different set of opportunities. Look: capitalism has always thrived on a process of creative destruction. All your customers have gone extinct? What–the whole soccer-mom demo has seen a population-wide collapse after the moon turned to blood, and the dead rose out of their graves? Well then it’s time for you to search out a new demographic. Maybe repurpose your product to make it more appealing to zombies.

Our infographic today will be useful for folks in the photography industry who have survived the zombie apocalypse, but don’t want to change their profession.

Framing the End of the World Infographic by Focus Camera
Presented By FocusCamera.com.

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