Books for Geeks

Image: literaryduck

It is not as if reading is not geeky enough for most people that they cannot help but associate certain books to geekiness.  The impression starts from associating certain topics to being geeky.  Whether true or not, reading these books can certainly provide readers with a fresh perspective in life.

Science fiction books and techy books are leading in the most wanted list.  The preoccupation with science among the young is not considered unusual although it tends to be so as people grow older especially when the interest is carried with much zealousness.  Interest in how- to books, tech philosophy books , and in books delving in discovery of how devices and gadgets work is quite high among certified geeks although such topics are equally as interesting with the general public.

Biography books are also quite popular among people with geeky nature because of their natural interest with the past.  It is a good thing that there are people who are inclined to this topic since understanding the past has made it possible to produce interesting readings of the present.  Studying history or lives of people is not necessarily only for the geeks.

Because of the long-standing association of computers with geeks, it it but a natural result for computer books to be associated with them which is not exactly bad since geeks apparently are rising up to be the latest “cool” group.  This is connected with the recognized usefulness of people who have extensive knowledge in computers.  Online reading also appears to be gaining an audience.